2009/365/219 We Could Save the World with Grilled Cheese

I still, and always, have loved eating grilled cheese! It is soothing, filling, and makes you feel just good inside.

How can one by unhappy, or want to fight, steal, or take what is not yours if they are presented with a perfect grilled cheese (mine of course is not perfectly melted, I was in a rush).

So I thing we need a plan to spread grilled cheese happiness around the world. The goofy president of Iran? He’d be our best bud with grilled cheese. The nut with the nukes in North Korea? Give him a good grilled cheese and he’d trade them all in for play ground equipment for the country. Israelis and Palestinians? Sit ’em down to a tray of grilled cheese and there’d be peace before they were done.

Grilled Cheese will Save the World!
(as long as you get a better cook than me)


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