2009/365/206 Ridin’ the Edge of The Rim

By: CogDog

Jul 25 2009

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The photo may be a wee bit staged, as I walked it out to the edge of the Mogollon Rim, her overlooking AZ 260 as it climbs to the top of the Rim 30 miles east of Payson.

That last climb was a bit technical.

Just kidding.

I’ve not had my bike on track for 2 years, so I am a tender rookie again. There was some gnarly single track that clung to the edge of the rim, but lots of rocks and trees to walk over, and then it was going to take a big dive down a canyon, so I boogied inland towards the road.

This is a lovely hike none the less, stunning views that reach to the far far horizon- and go 100 yards away from a roadside parking area and there is not a soul on the trail.


One comment on “2009/365/206 Ridin’ the Edge of The Rim”

  1. Never mind. It’s still a great pic!

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