2009/365/171 Hydration System

With my frequent travel schedule and the dryness of June in Arizona, I have been continually building up my hodgepodge irrigation system, which is now a timer on the main, 3 "Y" branches, and maybe 6 different hose pieces. On segment goes to another splittler, with the main going to a soaker hose in the vegetable garden, and the other side a hose I can turn on to water manually elsewhere.

Picture here is the new "Y" off the other main branch; again with a turned off slit to another long hose to water things in the back manually, but the open one has an old hose with holes in it to water the fruit trees and new Strawberry plants.

I’m doing 3 waterings a day for about 30 minutes. Water pressure is not great here, so its a slow watering


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